Live Cyber Attacks and Prevention

As experts in penetration testing, live hacking and awareness the resilience of your IT infrastructure against cyberattacks is our mission.

Live Hacking

Understanding and Countering Cyber Threats

Discover at blackIntelligence GmbH how live hacking illuminates the world of cybersecurity. Our experts guide you through realistic scenarios of cyber attacks, demonstrating effective countermeasures. Learn how cyber attacks occur in real life and how to effectively protect your systems.

Our live hacking events offer more than insights into cybercriminal tactics; they are interactive learning experiences emphasizing the importance of proactive security. We equip you with the knowledge and skills to protect yourself and your company against cyber threats.

Join our practice-oriented sessions for deeper insights into the world of cyber attacks and learn how to strengthen your cyber defense. Get in touch with blackIntelligence GmbH to enhance your security measures and prepare for the challenges of the digital world.

Live Hacking



Your path to the live hacking event

1 Inquiry

Your inquiry is your gateway to an exciting live hacking event. Contact us with your ideas and objectives. Our team is ready to answer your questions and provide an initial assessment. We will discuss the details with you, such as the target audience, focus topics, and your preferred date. This step is crucial to understand your specific needs and lay the foundation for a successful event. Your inquiry marks the start of a customized experience that creates and inspires security awareness.

2 Planning

After your inquiry, the detailed planning phase begins. In close collaboration with you, we develop a customized concept that perfectly aligns with your needs. Together, we define the specific content, methods, and objectives of the event. Our experienced team provides comprehensive guidance on technical and organizational matters, ensuring that all aspects of your event are considered. This phase is crucial to create a captivating and informative live hacking event that engages and enlightens your audience.

3 Execution

The execution of your live hacking event is the culmination of our joint project. With professionalism and expertise, we put the planned concept into action. Our experts lead the program and demonstrate live hacks. We create a dynamic and interactive atmosphere where the audience actively participates. Our priority is to convey practical knowledge in an entertaining and understandable manner. The result is an impressive event that fosters lasting awareness for cybersecurity.

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Live Hacking: An Effective Means to Enhance Cybersecurity

In today's digital world, where cyber threats are constantly on the rise, it's crucial to find innovative and effective ways to raise awareness and strengthen cybersecurity. This is where live hacking comes into play – a dynamic and interactive method to educate businesses and individuals about the importance of cybersecurity and to impart practical security skills.

What is Live Hacking?

Live hacking events are engaging presentations where cybersecurity experts demonstrate in real-time how hackers can penetrate systems and steal or manipulate data. These demonstrations are not only informative but also provide practical insights into the methods used by cybercriminals.

Benefits of Live Hacking

Raising Awareness: Live hacking events dramatically illustrate how real and dangerous cyber attacks are. They help to heighten awareness of cybersecurity risks and promote a culture of security within organizations.

Practical Demonstrations: Unlike theoretical presentations, live hacking events allow attendees to see real attack techniques in action. This practical understanding is crucial in effectively identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities.

Employee Engagement: Participating in live hacking events motivates employees to actively contribute to improving company security. This leads to greater involvement and responsibility in cybersecurity.

Current and Relevant Content: Live hacking sessions cover current threats and demonstrate the latest techniques used by hackers. This ensures that attendees are up-to-date with the threat landscape.

Improving Security Practices: By showcasing vulnerabilities and how hackers exploit them, companies learn to rethink and enhance their security practices.

Live hacking is more than just a demonstration; it's an essential educational tool that deepens the understanding of cybersecurity and contributes to the development of robust security strategies. In a world where cyber attacks are commonplace, such realistic and interactive experiences are indispensable in boosting security awareness and protecting organizations from digital threats.

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