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As experts in penetration testing, live hacking and awareness the resilience of your IT infrastructure against cyberattacks is our mission.


Professional penetration testing for Your IT

Our penetration tests ensure that your IT infrastructure is thoroughly analyzed and optimally secured. At blackIntelligence GmbH, we go above and beyond to ensure the security of your digital systems. Our experts employ state-of-the-art methods and tools to identify and address potential vulnerabilities. These tests combine both automated and manual approaches to provide a comprehensive assessment of your IT infrastructure's security.

We conduct careful research, in-depth analysis, and employ active measures to uncover and address weaknesses. Our reports are highly detailed and offer clear recommendations for optimizing your security measures. We work closely with you to ensure that your business is well-prepared for potential cyber attacks. Trust in our extensive experience and expertise to safeguard your IT infrastructure.

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Your path to a professional penetration test

1 Inquiry

Your journey to a professional penetration test begins with your inquiry. Share your needs and security goals with us, and our team will promptly reach out to discuss your requirements. In this initial step, we lay the foundation for a successful penetration test by understanding your IT infrastructure, potential risk areas, and specific security concerns. This phase is essential to ensure that the penetration test is tailored to your environment and specific requirements.

2 Planning

After receiving your inquiry, we start the meticulous planning of your penetration test. In this phase, we work together with you to develop a detailed test plan that takes into account your specific security requirements. We define the systems to be tested, the testing methods, and the timeframes. Our experts ensure that all aspects of your network and applications are thoroughly examined to provide a comprehensive security assessment. This planning phase is crucial to guarantee an effective and targeted penetration test.

3 Attack

The execution of the penetration test is the core of our process. Our qualified security experts conduct the tests with the utmost care and professionalism to uncover security vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure. We utilize advanced techniques and tools to identify both known and hidden weaknesses. Throughout the process, we keep you informed about progress and significant findings. Our priority is to comprehensively assess the security of your systems without disrupting your regular operations.

4 Conclusion

After the completion of the penetration test, you will receive a detailed report that includes all identified vulnerabilities, their impact, and recommendations for remediation. This final report is a crucial part of our process, as it provides you with clear insights into the security posture of your systems. We discuss the results with you and provide concrete suggestions to enhance your security measures. Our goal is to not only provide an overview of the current security status but also to develop long-term strategies for improved cybersecurity.

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Frequently asked questions about our penetrations tests

Penetration tests are your key to a secure IT infrastructure

In today's digitized world, the security of your IT infrastructure is more crucial than ever. At blackIntelligence GmbH, we understand the complexity and challenges that businesses face in the realm of cybersecurity. Our penetration tests are specifically designed to comprehensively safeguard your digital environment.

Comprehensive analysis and identification of vulnerabilities

Our approach is based on a thorough analysis and assessment of your IT systems. We simulate targeted cyberattacks under controlled conditions to uncover vulnerabilities in your infrastructure. These comprehensive tests encompass both internal and external components of your networks, systems, and applications.

Expert team and advanced methods

Our team of experienced security experts utilizes advanced penetration testing methods and tools to uncover even the most challenging security vulnerabilities. We stay up-to-date with the latest technology and threat scenarios to ensure that our tests reflect the most realistic and challenging conditions.

Detailed reporting and recommendations

After the completion of the penetration tests, you will receive a detailed report that includes all identified vulnerabilities, their potential impact, and specific recommendations for remediation. Our goal is to provide you with not only information but also actionable solutions to strengthen your security posture.

Strengthening your cyber defense

With the insights from our penetration tests, you can take proactive steps to strengthen your IT infrastructure. This ranges from enhancing your security protocols to making technical adjustments and providing employee training. We assist you in building a robust defense strategy that effectively safeguards your critical data and systems.

Long-term partnership for ongoing security

At blackIntelligence GmbH, we believe in a long-term partnership with our customers. We provide continuous support and guidance to ensure that your security measures are always up-to-date and effective. Our commitment is to your long-term success and security. With our penetration tests, you are choosing a comprehensive and advanced method to ensure the digital security of your company. Let's work together to create a secure and resilient digital future.

What is the blackbox procedure?

The blackbox procedure is a method in penetration testing aimed at identifying security vulnerabilities or weaknesses in a system or network. In this approach, the tester has little to no knowledge of the internal structure and functioning of the system being tested. The name 'blackbox' comes from the concept that the system is like an opaque box with its internal workings being unknown.

How does the blackbox procedure work?

1. No internal information: In contrast to whitebox tests, where the tester has detailed information about the system, the blackbox procedure is based on the principle of external attack without specific knowledge of the internal network or system architecture.

2. Simulation of a real attacker: Since the tester has no internal information, the procedure simulates the approach of a real attacker, who typically does not have internal details of the target system either.

3. Exploration and testing: The tester uses general techniques and tools to gather information about the system. This includes tasks such as port scanning, testing for known vulnerabilities, or conducting brute-force attacks.

4. Analysis of results: Each identified vulnerability or anomaly is analyzed. The goal is to recognize and assess potential security risks.

What is the purpose of the blackbox procedure?

1. Realistic assessment: Since real attackers typically lack internal information, the blackbox procedure provides a realistic evaluation of the external security of a system.

2. Uncovering superficial vulnerabilities: This approach is particularly effective in identifying vulnerabilities that are externally visible, such as those in web applications, server configurations, or network devices.

3. Impartial testing: Without prior knowledge of the system, the tester can act impartially and potentially discover vulnerabilities that might have been overlooked in a whitebox test.

In summary, the blackbox procedure is an essential component of penetration tests as it provides an external and realistic perspective to assess the security of a system. It complements other testing methods like whitebox and greybox tests to obtain a comprehensive picture of system security.

What is the greybox procedure?

The greybox procedure is a method in penetration testing that represents a hybrid approach between the blackbox and whitebox procedures. In this method, the tester has some knowledge about the internal workings of the system but not to the extent of the whitebox procedure. This partial knowledge of the system's structure allows for a realistic assessment of security from the perspective of a partially informed attacker.

How does the greybox procedure work?

1. Limited internal information: The tester receives basic information about the system, such as system configurations, but does not have full access to all details as in the whitebox test.

2. Efficient vulnerability identification: With this partial knowledge, the tester can proceed more targetedly than in a blackbox test, increasing efficiency in identifying vulnerabilities.

3. Combination of internal and external testing: Greybox tests combine techniques from both worlds - they use internal information to test selectively but also carry out external attacks to mimic the perspective of a real attacker.

4. Analysis and reporting: As with other penetration tests, the discovered vulnerabilities are analyzed and documented to provide the company with a detailed overview of potential security risks.

What is the purpose of the greybox procedure?

1. Realistic threat simulation: By combining internal and external perspectives, the greybox procedure allows for a more realistic simulation of attack scenarios than pure black or whitebox tests.

2. Focused and efficient testing: With the tester having basic knowledge of the system, tests can be conducted in a more targeted and efficient manner, saving time and resources.

3. Uncovering visible and hidden vulnerabilities: It provides a good compromise to identify both superficial and deeper vulnerabilities.

4. Versatile security assessment: Greybox tests are particularly useful for companies seeking a comprehensive assessment of their security posture without disclosing full internals.

So, the greybox procedure is a highly versatile method in the world of penetration testing. It offers a balanced blend of depth and breadth in security analysis and is particularly suitable for scenarios where neither complete transparency nor total ignorance about the system is present.

What is the whitebox procedure?

The whitebox procedure is a method in the field of penetration testing where the tester possesses comprehensive knowledge of the internal structure and functioning of the system being tested. In contrast to the blackbox procedure, where the tester operates like an outsider with no prior knowledge, the whitebox test provides the tester with detailed information about the system, including source code, architectural diagrams, access permissions, and more.

How does the whitebox procedure work?

1. Detailed system knowledge: The tester receives comprehensive information about the system, such as network diagrams, database structures, source code, and operating system details.

2. Deep analysis: With this information, the tester can conduct a much more profound analysis than would be possible in a blackbox test. This includes reviewing code for security vulnerabilities, testing internal APIs, and checking access control mechanisms.

3. Simulation of insider threats: The whitebox procedure also allows for testing scenarios that could be executed by insiders with knowledge of the system, such as a malicious employee.

4. Identification of hidden vulnerabilities: With access to internal information, the tester can also uncover hidden vulnerabilities that would not be visible in an external attack.

What is the purpose of the whitebox procedure?

1. Thorough examination: The detailed insight into the system allows for a comprehensive review of security, including the logic and implementation of security mechanisms.

2. Detection of complex security issues: Complex security problems that may only occur under specific conditions or configurations can be identified.

3. Optimization of security architecture: The in-depth analysis allows for recommendations to improve the overall security architecture.

4. Cost and time efficiency in addressing issues: Since problems can be precisely identified, security vulnerabilities can be addressed more targeted and quickly.

The whitebox procedure is particularly valuable for identifying internal threats and complex security issues that may go unnoticed in a blackbox test. It complements blackbox and greybox tests to ensure a comprehensive picture of system security.

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